FAQ About Envirotest Systems

Q. How does Envirotest process BMV transactions?

A. As a Certified Partner of the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, we have direct access to the Indiana BMV, utilizing the same computer system that is used in local BMV branches.  When we process a transaction, it is processed in exactly the same way it would be handled at a full-service BMV branch.  We don’t use internet portals or other workarounds to send the information to BMV; therefore, there is no delay is processing.


Q. How does ETR ensure registrations are mailed to the correct location?

A. ETR has the ability to have documents shipped directly to ETR headquarters. We then work with your company to have the documents mailed to the address of your specification.


Q. Do you handle courtesy delivery title work?

A. Yes. ETR works with auto dealers, fleet management and leasing companies to title and register Indiana vehicles. 


Q. What other Indiana BMV services does ETR offer?

A. ETR can process many of the most common BMV transactions, including:

  • Titling (including speed and duplicate titles),
  • New registrations and registration renewals,
  • Plate transfers,
  • Temporary permits,
  • Replacement and duplicate registrations,
  • Mailing address changes,
  • Insurance amendments,
  • Specialty, personalized and/or group plates; and
  • Any of the transactions listed above for recovery vehicles, heavy equipment, trailers, semi tractors, semi trailers of any weight. 


Q. Is it true that you can no longer get vehicle plates and stickers at a BMV branch?

A. Yes. The Indiana BMV has centralized the distribution of all registration cards, license plates and expiration stickers.  Once ETR processes a transaction, the order is fulfilled through BMV’s centralized distribution facility.


Q. What methods of payment are accepted?

A. ETR accepts check and VISA or Mastercard (credit or debit), as well ACH and wire transfers.


Q. What fees are associated with ETR services?

A. There are no start-up fees, monthly maintenance or service fees.  ETR charges a flat dollar fee per transaction, not a percentage. Your cost does not vary based on the value of the vehicle. Flat fees are determined by the amount of expected volume.