Judy Arnold of Mike Anderson Chevrolet in Merrillville, IN:

“Envirotest is local and is very willing to assist in any way. They go above and beyond to assist with any titling issues we may have. They will also keep the records for any State Audit purposes. We feel so blessed to have found Envirotest. They were the answer to our prayers!”



Brian Tarpo, Fleet Manager of Barile Ford:

“Working with Envirotest Titling and Registration makes things so much easier for me, I can’t believe it! It was not uncommon for me to spend up to 5-8 hours every two weeks at the BMV. Now all I do is call and someone picks up my title work and returns it to me when it’s finished. It has given me more time to focus on other tasks at the dealership.”



 Jessica Leib, the Title Clerk at Grieger’s in Valparaiso:

“The wait time at the BMV is too long. The convenience of the courier service is fantastic.”